Adopt our foster kittens!

We're fostering a rescued litter of 5 kittens - 3 females, 2 males. They're awesome! If we didn't already have 2 cats in a studio apartment, we'd keep a couple of them ourselves! We need to find homes for these cuties, otherwise they'll have to go back to living in a cage. :(

Blurbs and links to each kitten's Petfinder profile below. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the kitties:

Megan and Jonathan

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All the kittens are domestic short hair, all black with subtle tabby stripes. They are about 14 weeks old, still pretty tiny (~3-4 lbs.). They're all neutered/spayed and up to date on all vaccines and vet work. Although they may look alike at first, they each have distinct and lovable personalities! Here's a bit about each:

Rosa / Playful

She is the runt of the litter but the most outgoing and adventurous. She is an absolute cuddler who will jump into your lap and begin purring. As soon as there is something to chase she is on the move! She loves sleeping piled together with her brothers and sisters and would love to be adopted along with one of them! Rosa is the perfect kitten just waiting for the perfect home!
Click here to see Rosa at Petfinder


Malcolm is a beautiful and bold kitten who protects his siblings. He loves to eat and to be pet vigorously.
Click here to see Malcolm at Petfinder

Martin / Cheeks

He is very laid back, muscular and sweet. He is a playful kitten and loves being around other cats, especially with his siblings!
Click here to see Martin at Petfinder

Coretta / Snowy

Snowy has a tiny white patch on her chest and is super sweet! Her extremely soft coat feels like peach fuzz. She loves to be held and petted and will push against your hand when you rub her cheeks. She loves to play and gets along very well with her siblings and our two big cats.
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Harriet / Eve

Harriet has beautiful eyes and can be shy with humans (at first), but gets along beautifully with all the other kittens and big cats. She is very playful when she thinks no one is looking. She is very sweet and would do wonderfully in a home with patient loving people and would be best adopted with one of her siblings.
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See above links for adoption info.